We build Granny Flats that Make a Difference

As you're reading this, you've probably worked out that to build a granny flat could bring about a great improvement to your life and your loved ones in some way.   A better alternative to a retirement home... bring a disabled family member closer to you so you can care for them.... the kids need more space.... you want to add a nice chunk of value to your home!

Put simply, we make your Brisbane granny flat happen, just the way you want it!

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Att: Smart Seniors!
Downsize in Style!

Is it time to downsize? 

Brisbane granny flats are an alternative solution to selling up, moving from a location you are familiar with and buying into a retirement village.   Get a FREE report on the benefits of building a granny flat vs buying into a retirement village. enquiries@granyflat.com.au

Adding Value to
your Property

If you want to add fast value to your home, what better way than to build a granny flat backyard garden apartment or studio as a second dwelling.  More living space added to the property in only a few weeks.


A perfect place for loving grandparents

Keeping family together!

Granny flat construction has come a long way from the run down back yard tin shed. Whether you want a granny flat in Sydney, or a granny flat in Brisbane for the grandparents to enjoy the luxury of being close at hand, NDG granny flats offer ideal options for you.

It's hard to find a Better Investment

The astute investor is always looking for the maximum ROI. Ipswich Council in QLD now allows granny flats to be built as an investment. In most cases it offers positive cash flow. 

Home is best for special care needs

Special care solutions! 

Are you concerned about the future of your loved one who has a special care need? A need which can be aided by having them live independently but close at hand?  NDG specializes in design for Brisbane granny flat special care needs.

granny flat financingFinancing your
Granny Flat

There are different options available for granny flat finance. It is not always about selling the parents home. Talk with our finance consultant Lynne at Precision Loans about the best option for you.

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NDG granny flats increased
6 fold since 2012

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